The Roaring Gatsby Orchestra will take you back to the music and the style of the 1920s!

It's like stepping into 
a time machine.....
for a trip back almost 100 years 
to the great "Jazz Age" 
It's a time of Flappers 
and Zoot Suits, 
Gangsters and their molls, 
bathtub gin and back-room Speakeasies.
The Roaring Gatsby Orchestra 
brings back all the great flavor 
of this unique and 
exciting time in American History. 
There is also a touch of the 
"Cotton Club" with our own 
Cab Calloway and our Big Mama. 
You'll think you stepped into the movie "Chicago"
of the Roaring 20s.


Partial Songlist 

Roaring Gatsby Orchestra Sample Demo 

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